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8 June 2015:  the paper counterpart to photocard driving licence is abolished.  See Gov.UK for more information   https://www.gov.uk/government/news/driving-licence-changes


February 2015: a new "check" button added for you.  Has your vehicle been recalled for safety reasons, how would you know.  Check it out here https://www.gov.uk/check-if-a-vehicle-has-been-recalled or see check button on home page.  This is a Government page.


IF YOU ARE OUT OF MOT AND ROAD TAX:  Call the MOT station and book your car in, giving the registration number.  If you are stopped by Police of DVSA on route, they will check the booking and you will be able to proceed on your journey.  You MUST however have valid insurance for this journey.  You are only "protected" when making the journey to/from the MOT station, and not including any other trips.


Vehicle Licence discs will no longer appear in our windscreens from October 2014.  A digital system comes into effect, and reminders will still be issued.  The police will use Number Plate Recognition to track unlicenced cars.


Look at the Vehicle Enquiry System to check if a car is taxed before you drive it.

A driver who is not the owner will get a fixed penalty

The owner will get £80 penalty plus all back tax due



GARAGE SERVICES must check that a customer vehicle in for service or repair that will be driven on the road is taxed.  A penalty will be applied to the driver and the company.


If you buy a car you must make sure it is taxed BEFORE you use it, there is no grace period (service operates 24 hours a day on line and by phone)

If you sell a car you must tell the DVLA straight away, because you will be fined for no vehicle licence even if you are no longer the registered keeper.  The seller will be responsible for speeding and parking fines and any unpaid tax.

If you scrap a car you must get a Certificate of Destruction from the authorised facility or you will still be liable for the tax.


Did you know from 1 January 2015 the green paper driving licence which supports your pink card will no longer be required.  So if you want to know how many points you have, or check the category of vehicle you may drive try this link.  You will need your driving licence number, your national insurance number and your post code.



If you have the original (pre-1998) pink paper style, do not destroy.  This is VALID.

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