Leeds Road Garage
Leeds Road Garage

How clean is our workshop

We planned and built the workshop ourselves.  We take pride in its appearance and we also take pride in our work.


Closed for Easter but still hard at work

Apart from mopping the floor every day we paint it at least once a year. We hoover the walls regularly and we paint at least once a year. We don't want "stuff" from our workshop being trodden into your car. Tools are cleaned up after every heavy task, and always at the end of the day. We keep our office and waiting area as clean as we can, so you have somewhere comfortable to sit and watch us.  We are proud of our workshop. We are proud of our work. You can trust us.

From the brand new to the Vintage ...

It doesn't cost anything for feedback, if we can help we will.

Come and see us at work

The Skoda Octavia in this picture is the cherished car number 72 of 100 made WRC edition. You can look, but you can't touch!


Also in our gallery see if you can spot


2014 BMW 640 sport convertible


2013 Skoda Superb engine replacement


1990 Bentley Munsanne


A Cobra replica with an old Austin


A 1964 Vauxhall Viva HA



All happily passing through our workshop. We can work on anything.

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Leeds Road Garage

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