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Got an engine light on?

Is it on all the time?


Get it checked to prevent costly damage.  We have a diagnostic tool which we will happily plug into your car for a code read for £42 including VAT.


ROUTINE maintenance work and fault finding is all done in-house.  Understanding the modern technology of cars is crucial to problem solving. Karen Richards, proprietor, is a mechanical electrical engineer and approaches the issues in a methodical manner to eliminate the possible causes in order, and not using a haphazard (and sometimes costly) approach.


Fault finding and investigation is charged at £36 inc VAT, which is deductable from any resulting work.


The CAN BUS system causes the biggest headache.  There is no longer just one connection from battery to electric window, not anymore.  There are probably 3 computers in your car that need to talk to each other in the right order just to open the window, and so an electrical logical approach is needed.  This is often how main dealers hold the control because some software is not released. However, we have had our fair share of repairs around ECU, BSI and re-programming the car back to full operational order.


To keep you on the road we can also offer assistance with:

Brakes: shoes, discs, drums, pads, calipers, including 4x4

Wheel bearings inc 4x4

Coil springs

Shock absorbers

Suspension and steering (racks, arms, ball joints etc)

Exhausts and catalytic converters

EGR / DPF valves

PAT fluid top ups

Injector seals


Simple clutch labour from £150 plus parts and VAT

Complex clutch labour from £250 plus parts and VAT


Timing belt (single) from £80 plus parts and VAT

Timing belt (twin) from £150 plus parts and VAT

Timing chain and water pump - car specific


Head gasket and cylinder head skim and pressure test - car specific

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