Leeds Road Garage
Leeds Road Garage


We use Sol-X solutions, products you cannot buy in the shops.  


Why put clean oil in a dirty engine, use the Sol-X advanced motor flush at every oil change.  Treat your engine from £12 inc VAT


A Sol-X advanced fuel treatment will help improve the miles per gallon, protect your engine, lower emissions and reduce the impact of your carbon footprint.  Available for petrol or diesel models from £12 inc VAT


Something for the coolant system, radiator stop leak from £12 inc VAT


Give a treatment at every service, just like a spa day for your car.  Call in for a leaflet, or ask when you book a service what we would recommend.


We also stock AMTEC Engine Restore which helps high-mileage engines regain compression, fuel economy and reduces the amount of oil being used under normal driving conditions.  This is added to clean oil and costs £30 inc VAT.  Recommended when engine is difficult to start, using a lot of oil, or bad fuel economy.

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